All About Seismic e-Staffing


Our Story

Seismic e-Staffing (Pty)Ltd was born on the 13th May 2015, with the focus on an advanced offering that will disrupt the Recruitment Industry. Then the 4th Industrial Revolution dawned on our Industry with the conventional recruitment processes being put under immense strain and becoming obsolete. This was a seismic disruption to all players in the Recruitment industry.

We suddenly found our ‘glass’ only half full or empty – depending on the way you look at it. We started with information mining and found that we needed to apply a 60-day periodical review system of our Online Talent portal as well as researching technological advances to again become a leader in our field.

Seismic e-Staffing is still a start-up by nature, even with the growth we have experienced over the last 4 years. Seismic is currently only compatible to South Africa, however, have been dabbling in the international market as far as Nigeria, Qatar and Southern Africa. In 2020 we will be launching Seismic 2.0, an updated and very advanced platform, with various offerings to clients and candidates alike. So, watch this space and follow us on social media to stay up to date with developments.

In our ever-changing and very demanding Industry, Seismic e-Staffing will continuously research ways to improve and stay ahead with the technological advance of the Recruitment industry – we will always focus on competitive offerings for both clients and candidates, ensuring a unique experience in recruitment.

Values (This helps Us to Deliver)

At Seismic e-Staffing we work hard to ensure we achieve our goals together as a team with a clear and concise purpose. We adapt to our clients changing needs as well as changes in the related marketplace to ensure we are a business of growth, success and happiness.


Excellence – We aim to always deliver what we committed to;                                                 

Passion – Our Team is passionate about Recruitment, Education and Training combined with enthusiasm, high energy levels and driven by the client and candidate needs;

Integrity – Our Team is honest and principled without compromise;

Respect – We treat candidates and clients with the respect mutually expected and embraces diversity as well as practicing confidentiality as per our Code of Ethics;

Clarity – Our Team communicates as clear as possible and encourages open exchange of proposals, ideas and opinions related to our business practices;

Accountability – Every individual in our team accepts responsibility for their actions and through experience apply excellent judgement to ensure progression and success in our business;

Community – In partnership with our Flagship company we participate in Community outreach programmes and involve ourselves to the betterment of the youth and their opportunities.

Vision (Our Ultimate Goal)

Our vision at Seismic e-Staffing is to change the perception of recruitment by devoting ourselves to customer, candidate and staff satisfaction by revolutionising the Recruitment Industry with innovative, technological advanced, online talent systems and becoming a leader in the Recruitment Industry by applying 4th Industrial Revolution skills.

Mission (Our way to achieve it)

Together we will develop and implement technological advances to our Recruitment Tools and Systems to ensure a more effective and successful recruiting process by innovative communication applications, reporting and user-friendly interphases that will build trust and develop our business one client and candidate at a time. If we can over deliver, we do, we will create custom-made, transparent and ethical recruitment experiences, encouraged by honest feedback and meeting the ever-changing market demands.

Meet The Partners 


Eugene van der Walt - Director Seismic-eStaffing


Eugene is completing his Masters degree in Business Administration from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology with a research project that focusses on Graduates and Undergraduates’ expectations and perceptions on Graduate Internship Programs in South Africa. He also obtained his B. Tech degree in Production Management from NMMU, in Port Elizabeth. With a vast amount of additional education, Eugene possess various expertise making an impact in the Training & Development space as well as the Human Resources field. Being a registered Human Resources Professional with the South African Board of People Practices, Eugene is very focussed on life-long learning as a professional.


Eugene has an extensive career experience in business management, engineering, manufacturing, sales amongst other. With a number of qualifications, international work experience and 15 years directly involved in Recruitment and Selection, he has a unique passion for the Recruitment Industry.


Being a typical go-getter, the forever optimist and head-hunter, Eugene brings a totally different ‘flavour’ to the game of Recruitment doing recruitment differently specialising in Technical, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain/Manufacturing to name a few. However, he enjoys a challenge to recruit across the board of skill sets.


Having worked in the Automotive and Engineering Industry, Professional Sales, Sport Management and Business Management industries, Eugene has the hands-on experience to relate to the job specifications, Clients’ needs and has an understanding of the core business of Clients, to ensure a more accurate sourcing.


A firm believer that research and preparation helps one to become a brilliant recruiter, he communicates openly with Candidates and Clients alike.


He’s motto which drives him is: ‘Happiness leads to Success! Suite up and pitch up!’


Franco Peach – Director Seismic e-Staffing/HR Manager Culmen WC


Franco graduated with B. Soc.Sci degree in 2014 at the University of the Free State, majoring in Criminology, Sociology, Psychology and Industrial Psychology.


Franco started at Peach & Du Preez attorneys as a candidate attorney in 2008. Working closely with the labour law attorneys dealing mainly with labour disputes, CCMA and human resource related matters. Franco relocated to Bloemfontein in 2009 and was employed as a Human Resource Administrator at Sanyati Holdings (JSE listed) from 2009 – 2012. He dealt with assisting the Regional HR Manager and Payroll administrator. During this time, he gained experience with disciplinary hearings, CCMA cases, payroll and skills development.


He started his studies at the University in 2010. Sanyati was eventually liquidated due to financial constraints in December 2012. He then continued his studies from 2012 – 2014 on a full-time basis and graduated with a B. Soc.Sci degree in 2014.


In March 2015 he relocated to Cape Town and started working at Uphande Forensic & HR Services as a Junior Human Resource Officer and Forensic Investigator. He gained experience during this time within the forensic / investigations field dealing with disciplinary processes and investigations until June 2016.


In August 2016 he started at Dental Warehouse CPT part time as a HR Administrator and planner assisting with Sales Representation, route planning and managing the CPT office until March 2017 when Dental Warehouse decided to close the CPT office and relocate all CPT suppliers to the Head Office in Johannesburg.


Franco then started at Seismic e-Staffing as a Human Resource Manager / Recruiter in April 2017 consulting for Culmen Western Cape. He is currently employed as a Human Resource Manager at Culmen Western Cape and HR Director at Seismic e-Staffing. During this time, he is working under the guidance of Eugene Van Der Walt (MD of Seismic) and John (Piet) van der Walt, MD of Culmen Western Cape. Franco currently manages the Human Resource department and is a registered assessor, moderator and skills development facilitator. He is also registered as a HR Professional at SABPP since 2017.