Why Seismic e-Staffing?

Seismic e-Staffing connects our Clients directly with the most dynamic talent on offer in and around South Africa. Our dynamic system allows our Clients the convenience of an already completed recruitment process that will lead to accurate decision-making recruitment. The new generation of Recruitment system has been born!!

  • Affordable Pricing

    The Seismic e-Staffing Team will engage their Clients and structure a cost model based on the annual recruitment plan. We will ensure a substantial saving on every Clients' Recruitment costs, guaranteed!!

  • Premium Candidate Database

    Seismic e-Staffing provides premium candidates through active engagement utilising Social Media, University networks, Professional Networks and various other applications. Quality and not quantity is the key. With our added inputs we ensure that the best of the best is sourced for each client.

  • Effortless Search

    Our Clients have a simple front-end access to the premium talent at hand. Various applications ensure our Clients have control of the recruitment process and will always have their indicators at hand. The Seismic e-Staffing system is an exceptionally informative and effective communication tool.

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